Trump/Pence #OUTNOW In DC for Senate Trial

RefuseFascism.org called for masses of people to converge and stage nonviolent mass protest in Washington, DC during the impeachment trial in the Senate to demand the whole Trump/Pence regime be removed from power – #OUTNOW! –because they are fascist and pose a catastrophic danger to humanity.

Volunteers responded from around the country and have been on the ground in DC since January 14th. The responses we have been getting when we take this message out to the people throughout D.C. reveal a visceral hatred for Trump. However, growing numbers of people have not responded to this call in a way corresponding to the need, or the stakes, of the immediate battle, when a fascist President in the world’s most powerful country is both under impeachment and attempting to further consolidate his fascist regime.

This is a problem that everyone – in DC and across the country – needs to be part of fighting to transform.

We ask you to donate to financially support the work we have been doing here in DC, spread the word of this effort online, and join the #OUTNOW movement across the country for the major struggles ahead.

This blog documents some of our efforts. Please share it, join with us, and write us your thoughts, ideas, questions, etc.

The Senate Acquitted Donald Trump, Gutting the Rule of Law and Advancing Fascism in America

The acquittal of Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial is a big advance towards fascism in America. With no witnesses, no documents, this trial was a sham that gave a greenlight to Trump to do anything he wants, as long as he thinks it’s in the “public interest.”

Many Republican Senators who voted to acquit Trump even dispensed with denying his guilt, essentially declaring that truth is irrelevant and right doesn’t matter. Moreover, Lamar Alexander’s warning that Trump’s removal would “rip the country apart,” in conjunction with the convergence of 22,000 armed “gun-rights” protesters on the Virginia capitol on MLK Day, and 100,000 attending a march to end abortion that was presided over by Trump himself, raises the spectre of Trump’s fascist base which is energized and determined to bring about their vision for the future, even through the threat of violence and civil war.

They have brazenly told us that the normal channels, including the process of impeachment, cannot rein in a president and regime that is slashing through those norms and emerging victorious from every crisis. They have validated Trump to steal the next election. Without a third force, the people in the streets in sustained, non-violent mass protest, a fascist regime will barrel ahead to rule with even more brute force and terror.

Fascism has been unfolding, but it has made a major leap through this sham trial. In recent days, the Muslim Ban has been expanded to include six more countries, signaling that the whole fascist program will go forward with even more vengeance and entitlement. Concentration camps on the border… environmental devastation accelerated… war, even nuclear war, threatened… white supremacist rule… fascist mobs and racist mass murderers… truth and science erased… the right to abortion near gone… the rule of law and democratic and civil rights stripped away…All this and more will be accelerated and further sanctioned by this Senate acquittal.


All over the world people have shown us that hated regimes can be forced out through mass sustained, non-violent protest. It’s time to get serious and get organized to build the kind of determined struggle from below that refuses to stop until the whole fascist Trump/Pence regime is removed from power.

#OutNow Volunteer Reacts to the “No” Vote on Witnesses in the Senate

Sam, one of our volunteers here in DC, was invited to speak on WBAI radio in New York about her experience here. These are some of her reflections she prepared about how it felt to be on the streets protesting as the Senate vote against any witnesses in the impeachment trial came down:

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I just want to add that this isn’t my usual speaking voice. It’s been stressed a little from my time exercising my it here during these senate hearings. I joined with Refuse Fascism here in DC after working alongside my comrades in my hometown for a few months. I met them by happenstance while they were demonstrating and I felt a call to action.

I was impressed by their determination and wanted to join the collective demand- that we face this reality for what it is. That we face the immediate threat of fascism consolidating under the Trump/Pence regime.

I want to speak on disillusionment and my emotional journey throughout confronting the dangers of this regime and the peeling away of the facade of democracy. I was at the capital yesterday, although I had unsubscribed from a just America or a just world well before middle school; when it was announced that the senate voted for no witnesses, when they voted for no evidence, I felt a painful strike at my core. I kind of broke down for several minutes. It was painful, visceral and stark. And I had to ask myself, “why?”

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Uniting all that can be United

Why someone came from NJ to protest in D.C.

Yesterday the GOP gave a hall pass to the President of the United States to do whatever it takes to win the next election. It’s bad enough with the Electoral college that voice of the people doesn’t count. He can now do whatever to win and it will go unchecked. Like get more help from Russia, Chinese voting machines bought by his daughter Ivanka! Please, there will be 4 more years of Trump and the further degradation of our Democracy, Constitution, and the rule of law, and this vindictive President will do all that he can to hurt anyone who opposes him.

He will inflict more pain on the poor and the middle class. We will now suffer even more, we will lose our Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, any of the programs that help the poor and those that are disadvantaged. Women’s rights will be flushed down the toilet. His hatred for people of color and his blatant disrespect for women and the disabled will only get worse. A trial with no witnesses! When you wake up and realize just how important that vote was yesterday and what was really lost, besides witnesses and the truth, you will kick yourself in the ass for being so complacent. Yesterday was the day all of America should’ve stopped what it was doing and should have come out into the streets to demand witnesses.

High School Students Demand Trump/Pence #OutNow

For context, my friend and I have started selling snacks and soda at school to raise money and awareness of the organization, RefuseFascism.org. We’ve raised around 60 dollars in the span of two days.

I have truly recognized today that in this organization my actions are bigger than me. Picture this: a high school jam packed with brilliant artists on every one of 5 floors. Jazz, classical music, theater music, band, even mariachi to be heard in every staircase. Costumes of characters you wouldn’t even think to imagine, paintings of all shapes and sizes, writers reciting poems about the effects of racism and misogyny and how sustained non violent protest works when we make it work, and for the first time, in every room you walk into, around every corner little orange squares on my classmates’s shirts.

In just two days I have seen students going to refusefascism.org to learn and even donate within minutes of learning of this movement, students willing to learn and read about Bob Avakian, people asking for flyers and posing questions about the regime they had previously never thought to ask, and, yes, people using the word “fascism” to describe the events of this regime because they now realize that we can only right these wrongs by seeing them for what they truly are. This is the beginning of something bigger than me, bigger than any of us. This is a group of students coming to the realization that there is and always has been something that they can do to make a difference.

A Big Step Towards Fascism, and the Challenge Before us.

Today was a big day, with the vote to block any witnesses from the Senate Trial, this was a major leap in the advance of fascism. Lamar Alexander, one of the Republican Senators people were hoping might swing towards voting for witnesses, even said that the Democrats had proven their case that Trump was guilty of what he was accused of, but then said it wasn’t impeachable. He, and other Republicans who made similar arguments, were admitting that they were giving a complete green light to elevating Trump — and any future president — above the law. This was also a major assault on truth itself; essentially saying that it doesn’t matter what the evidence shows, what Trump says is true will be treated as true. Both of these elements — assailing the rule of law and instead enshrining the absolute authority of the head fascist and the demolishing any objective standard of truth — are key elements of fascism that were concretely advanced today. I don’t think almost anyone in society has fully comprehended yet the far-reaching, negative impact of this development.

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Emergency Mass Meeting!

Trump/Pence #OutNow!

If Trump is acquitted in a sham trial, a fascist regime will barrel ahead with disastrous consequences for humanity.

Emergency Mass Meeting
Sunday, Feb 2, 4pm
Luther Place Memorial Church
1226 Vermont Ave NW

Click “Going” and share our facebook event.

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Again in the Streets! Every Day of Trial.

First, in front of the Capitol, one of our members who got arrested the day before in front of the Senate:

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Alan Dershowitz Made a Straight-Up FASCIST Defense Argument

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If Trump is acquitted in a sham trial, a fascist regime will barrel ahead with disastrous consequences for humanity.

The following is the text of the flyer we’ve been getting out all over the city for the last two weeks. Of course, the dates/times of protests have been changed/updated as the days advance — but this is the message we are spreading.

Demand Trump/Pence #OutNow

Protest at the U.S. Capitol

Thursday, 1/30 – 12pm rally, 5pm march
Delaware Ave NE & Northeast Dr

Friday, 1/31 12pm rally Delaware Ave NE & Northeast Dr

Bring signs with your reasons the whole Trump/Pence regime must go, with the hashtag #OUTNOW! Demand witnesses, evidence, a real trial, conviction and removal, and most of all demand removal of the whole fascist regime for ALL their crimes against humanity and the planet.

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